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Joseph Banks Rhine (1895-1980) is considered to be the founder of modern parapsychology. An American botanist-turned-psychologist, he was the first to systematically apply experimental investigations in the field of psychical research. This work began in 1930 when he joined the psychology department at Duke University and later opened a new parapsychology laboratory there. When he retired from Duke in 1965 it moved off campus and became an independent international research center, since 1995 known as the Rhine Research Center, still located in Durham, NC. Read more


Contents from the Psi Encyclopedia Article:
Early Years and Education
Change of Profession and Path to Duke University
Early ESP Research 1930-1934
‘Extra-Sensory Perception’ 1934
Duke Parapsychology Laboratory 1935-1965
Criticism and Advances in Methodology
Principal Findings
FRNM and the Institute for Parapsychology
Books by JB Rhine
Other Source Literature

Books by JB Rhine

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